United Nations Development Programme

Nigerian Parliamentary Support Project

This project aims to strengthen the National Assembly and selected State Houses of Assembly in Nigeria in carrying out their core functions of law-making, oversight and representation, in furtherance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project will support enhanced public participation in the performance of legislative duties; align the performance of legislative oversights to the needs and demands of constituents; strengthen parliamentary action on electoral and constitutional reforms, as well as on gender equality through the elaboration and adoption of a gender policy; and through support for the implementation of the NASS Institutional and Capacity Needs Assessment.

The project is organized on four pillars, namely: promoting inclusive and truly representative legislative processes, through the SDGs; strengthening vertical and horizontal accountability by the parliament; enhancing participatory approaches to electoral review, constitutional reforms and gender empowerment; and enhancing the capacity of legislative aide and bureaucrats to enable effective and efficient performance of their roles.