The European Union Parliament through its Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group (EU-DEG) is in collaboration with NILDS in the provision of specialised exchange of experience visits to Brussels and capacity building programmes for NASS and State Houses of Assembly (SHA), legislators. The exchange of experience visits and capacity building programmes are targeted to achieve particular objectives as regularly agreed by NASS and EU-DEG. The EU-DEG also provide specialist resource persons from the European Union Parliament which include Members of the European Union Parliament (MEP) for both local programmes and visits held at the EP in Brussels.

The EU-DEG consists of 15 Members (MEPs) of the European Parliament appointed by the Conference of Presidents as well as, ex officio, the Vice-President responsible for democracy and human rights and the Chair of the Sub-Committee for Human Rights (DROI). The Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group (DEG), established within Parliament, gives political guidance for activities supporting democracy, the promotion of parliamentary democracy and election observation.

The collaboration is targeted to benefit:

  • Senators from the National Assembly
  • Members House of Representative of the National Assembly, and
  • Members of State Houses of Assembly.

Some of the programmes are also specifically designed for Committee Staffs, NILDS Research Staff and other relevant service providers to the National Assembly whose activity help in the promotion of parliamentary democracy.