NILDS, Revolutionizing Nigeria’s Democracy, Set to Propose a Bill for Political Party Reform - DG

  • Thursday September 26, 2019 15:10 PM
  • NILS Press Corps

The Director General, National Institute for Legislative Studies, Prof. Abubakar Sulaiman has stated that a new 4-year strategic development plan that would strengthen our electoral system and deepen Nigeria’s 20 year democratic calendar is in the making.

The Director General disclosed this during an engagement with the Commonwealth Foundation for Democracy (WFD) Country representative, Nigeria, Adebowale Olorunmola.

The plan which will enhance the capacity of political actors and parties is an initiative that is designed by NILDS to, among other things, discourage and reduce post-election litigation to the barest minimum, re position political parties on party ideology and set up Political Parties Stakeholders Forum. The strategic plan would also raise strong advocacy for the review of cost of Elections.

Endorsing the reform initiatives of NILDS, the WFD Country Representative, called on NILDS to serve as an umbrella that would, streamline and galvanize non-state actors and non-political actors, the various Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Groups for a coordinated approach to democratic consolidation. “State of political parties and cost of running politics in Nigeria has become a major concern to, International Agencies, Development Partners as well as local Civil Society Organizations.
How can political parties be supreme, when individual, candidates carry the burden of finance”, he lamented.

Sulaiman further disclosed the Institute’s set-agenda in its new Work-Plan to decentralize training to the state and local government levels. He noted the recent engagement by NILDS, where over 34 State Houses of Assembly Speakers converged on Lagos to deliberate on the need for training of the present political actors in the 36 states of the Federation which he said, has yielded very fruitful results with the back to back training of Clerks of Committees of National and State Houses of Assembly, Chairmen and Secretaries of State Houses of Assembly Commissions from various states of the Federation in the past 2 months.

He called for urgent completion of NILDS Ultra-Modern Facility/Permanent Site to enable the Institute have enough space to fully, implement its 2019 Work-Plan programmes.

NILDS, a non-partisan institution of government and WFD are strategic partners who have a shared vision of supporting democratic institutions, enhancing capacity of political actors and non-state actors as well as strengthening governance in Nigeria and the West African Sub-region.