• Monday December 17, 2018 10:37 AM
  • NILS Press Corps

My Sonorous voice, may not the accolade properly recite
But I usher you to celebrate the lighthouse, who our curiosity did ignite.
A stalwart of our time, an Amazon, A diamond so bright,
At intellectual infancy, she was sent out,
Across the great seas and the wild deserts.
From afar we could see the diamond shine with pulsating efficiency.
We pulsed in awe as she fought the dragons,
Wielding her scepter of integrity,
Unleashing relentless hard work and dedication,
Molding, sculpturing and building enlightened minds.
We jammed and cheered!
Our amazon, the diamond of the emirate is indeed shining!
Yes, she stood guard, our erudite amazon
But alas, that was just the beginning.
Abuja Calls!
In trepidation we cowered, we are just but mortals, a higher Palace has spoken
But the gods of our Ladi is not done with her!
The Lighthouse must shine,
The Diamond, the Palace must adorn.
And the higher Palace choose her to shine the light for her council
To guide the council aright.
The dragons did raise their heads, billowing fire.
But our Amazon stood firm in her fortress of integrity, bounded by compassion
Guided by honesty and steadfastness, she guides the peoples’ council aright.
But far the journey remains and more accolades awaits.
And from afar the emirate looks, confronted by a light so bright
And yet so calming.
The light moves, it is our Amazon,
Our Diamond Shining,
Our Lighthouse,
Our Jakadiya!