Somalian Puntland Parliament Draws From The Knowledge Hub While On Exchange Visit to Nigeria

  • Tuesday January 23, 2018 10:55 AM
  • NILS Press Corps
A delegation of Puntland Parliament, Somalia led by its Speaker, Mr. Ahmed Ali Hashi has paid an exchange visit to the National Institute for Legislative.

While making her remark, the Director General of the Institute, Prof Ladi Hamalai commended the Puntland State Parliament for putting in place in its fifteen years of existence, critical decision making mechanisms such as Committees and Support structures; and Rules of procedure. she explained that the extent to which members of parliament can discharge their statutory duties is often a function of both their individual and institutional capacities.

Prof. Hamalai said the main aim of the exchange is to provide a forum via benchmarking workshop for participants to interact, deepen knowledge and interact on some of the common issues and challenges confronting parliaments in the African continent. She added that in order to achieve the objectives of the visit, NILS had tailored a training programme that would expose the participants to the workings of the Nigerian National Assembly and its various Standing Committees.

The DG acknowledged that the 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan of the Puntland Parliament shows that it has faced many appreciable bottlenecks including; limited capacity of staff, Committees handicaps resulting in inability to meet terms of reference; absence of constituency offices; lack of effective oversight and weak and inactive Committee procedure just to name a few.

She assured of the Institute’s willingness to assist the Puntland parliament, noting that Nigeria’s growing maturity in democratic practice since 1999 puts it in the position to offer support to other emerging democracies, particularly in Africa. “You will be exposed to Nigeria’s experience with regards to oversight of the Executive by the parliament, national budget process and other key roles of the parliament; it is my believe that there are lots of political and legislative process that the two countries share and the more we talk, the more we realize our potentials” Hamalai reflected.

Earlier, the Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Hashi informed that the Puntland State was created in 1998 following a protracted period of civil war that rendered the country Stateless.

He added that the choice of Nigeria for such experience sharing is because it has a Federal system that is active and working. “We believe Nigeria has so much to offer to Somalia, our Federal system is new and we are still experimenting on how it works” he stated.