Strengthning the Capacities of the Opposition

  • Posted on

    Tuesday September 2017

  • Posted at

    09:42 AM


A five-day workshop organised by the National Institute Legislative Studies (NILS) for members of Ugandan parliament on Monday in Abuja centred on strengthening capacities of opposition in parliament.

During the opening ceremony, the Director-General of NILS, Prof. Ladi Hamalai, said being an opposition in many African countries was a risky undertaking even after introducing multi-party democracy.

She said that the primary aim of the workshop was to strengthen the capacities of the opposition in the Ugandan parliament in undertaking oversight of government programmes and projects.
”Effective opposition in democracies helps to guarantee transparent and responsible government.
”Effective opposition’s role is also to criticise government’s programmes, decisions by closely examining its draft laws and budget as well as offer political alternatives,” Hamalai said.

She said that the workshop would cover areas which included change management and making accountability committees effective and efficient.