• Legislative Support Services
  • Research and Training
  • Democratic Studies
  • Finance and Administration
  • PostGraduate Studies

Legislative Support Services

The Department, which is headed by a Director, has three divisions namely:- Bills and Legislative Drafting Support for Committees and Constitution and Legislative Procedure. Each division is headed by a Deputy Director. A team of Research Fellows and Research Assistants are engaged in drafting and analysis of bills, and in providing assistance in legislative procedures. The Department is building on the work done by Policy Analysis and Research Project PARP in the area of bill analysis, bill drafting and scrutiny and Legislative procedure which have greatly facilitated the work of the National Assembly.

We provide students with an immersive, collaborative, and inspiring environment where they can develop a broadly informed, highly disciplined intellect that will help them be successful in whatever work they finally choose.

Our students graduate with the values and knowledge they need to pursue meaningful work, find passion in life-long learning, and lead successful and purposeful lives.

  • Conduct of research into all areas of bill processing and analysis, and legislative practices and procedures
  • Carrying out bill drafting and analysis, and providing assistance to members of the legislature in the analysis and drafting of bills;
  • Initiation of Bills on development and socio-political issues that may be of interest to legislators for sponsorship
  • Undertaking bills scrutiny; Operating a data bank for bills and Acts of the National Assembly
  • Implement the Institute's training programmes

Research and Training

The Department is engaged in conducting in-depth studies on various areas of interest to the legislators. Through research, data collection and analysis in various areas of development policy and economic management, the Institute assists the work of the National Assembly.

It plays a leading role in enabling the National Assembly to keep abreast of cutting-edge developments, and to contribute to the shaping of development perspectives and strategies.

The Institute collaborates with other policy research centres, universities, government and non-governmental institutions in order to ensure its technical quality in research. The output of such works are published in a language and style easily understood by members of the National Assembly and the general public.

Democratic Studies

The department is headed by a Director who leads a team of experts (research fellows). The key objective of the Department is to facilitate training courses on democracy, political culture and development. It will also promote democracy issues in Nigeria and beyond through training, advocacy, networking, action-oriented research, publications and documentation

Finance and Administration

The Department, which is headed by a Director, has 2 divisions namely: – Finance and Administration and Human Resources. The divisions are headed by Deputy Directors. The finance division has 2 units namely Accounts and Stores and Supplies. The Administration and Human Resources division has 2 units namely Assets and Maintenance and Human esources. Each unit is supervised by a Manager to be assisted by Officers and Office Assistants.

Postgraduate Studies

The Department is headed by a Director and provides opportunities for continuing education and capacity development through Master’s Degree and Postgraduate Diploma rogrammes in Legislative Studies, Legislative Drafting, Parliamentary Administration, Election and Party Politics and Constitutional Law/Constitutional Development which have since taken irm roots. Other programmes to be introduced in include Diploma Programmes in Parliamentary Administration and Official Reporting as well as ProfessionalParliamentary Management Certificate Courses and Online Post-graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting.